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Doom Patrol episode 7 on DC Universe kinda spoiler free review

April 3, 2019

Doom Patrol continues it's course into Crazyville.  In this episode titled "Therapy Patrol", our heroes are all suffering from self-doubt that Mr. Nobody implanted in their minds.  We see the first scene played out from each characters point of view.  Robotman is the first to figure out they are falling into the same trap as the original Doom Patrol.  He suggests they all do a group therapy and get their fears and innermost thoughts out in the open so it won't drive a wedge between the team.  

The others reluctantly agree to participate and we learn a little more about their backstories.  Not a lot more is learned, but it does seem to add some texture to their origins.  We also learn that Mr. Nobody is not above using anything to derail their efforts to save the Chief.

We still believe that Cyborg could be taken completely out of this story and it wouldn't affect it at all.  It seems like Cyborg was thrown in just to add a character that the mainstream audience would recognize.  While it doesn't really hurt the story, it doesn't help it either.

Are you watching Doom Patrol?  Do you agree that Cyborg is a fifth wheel on this team? Are you liking all the crazy weirdness we have witnessed in this first half of the season? Let us know in the comments.

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