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DC Universe | Doom Patrol | Cyborg Patrol | Episode 12 | kinda spoilery review

May 11, 2019

Episode 12 is another in a long line of Cyborg bashing we do. Even though this episode had his name on it, he was not the best character in it.

Cyborg managed to get himself captured by the Bureau of Normalcy and taken to the Ant Farm. That isn't gonna look good on his resume to join the Justice League.

Cyborg's dad devises a plan to get him out of the Ant Farm, but it involves using the Doom Patrol as bait. The Doom Patrol agrees to go through with the plan.

The Bureau plans to send Robot Man to the scrap heap, remove the Negative Spirit from Larry, and one of the agents is seeking his revenge against Jane. Needless to say, none of it works and Doom Patrol is able to save the day.

While inside the Ant Farm, they come in contact with Flex Mentallo. Flex is the guy that is missing from the ad in the comic book that Danny the Street gave to Doom Patrol.

This sets up the next episode titled "Flex Patrol". Just a guess, but I think it's gonna be about Flex Mentallo.

Let us know in the comments if you agree that Cyborg is useless in this story so far. If you disagree, let us know too.

We have also added a Google Voice number where you can call and leave us your thoughts.  If they are good, we will use them on the show.  The number is (575) 323-1332.


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